The Patient Has To Work Too!

In the early days of my career

When I started out working as a physical therapist I often would have people come into me with a problem, (like a back issue) and they would come into the treatment room and pretty much hop onto the treatment table ready to be worked on.

“Oh my back has been at me for years and I always get someone to just rub it out” is what they’d say.

In my early days, I often did this, coming away with sore hands from trying to ‘rub’ the pain out of them.

However, these days I am much more aware and informed of how the brain and the body works and know that there is never such thing as a quick ‘rub out’ to solve someones back problem, when they have suffered with it for years

Your body develops habits

You see, if you have been in suffering with a ‘bad back’ or a knee problem or a shoulder complaint for a few months or a few years, you body will develop certain habits to enable you to go about your everyday activities.

For example if you hurt your foot, you will limp for a few days to protect the area. If you hurt your arm, your other arm will have to do more work for a while to compensate.

This is fine in the short term. But long-term it can develop into a habit which can lead to other parts of your body getting overworked and grumpy.

If this continues, your movements may stiffen up to protect the area or limit the movement. You may have pain on movement. It can all turn into a vicious cycle of stiffness, pain, lack of movement, more pain, more stiffness, lack of energy, poor mood etc. …..Lets not get too much into that.

Basically your body can become very good at producing pain and unless something is done, this cycle of pain and stiffness will continue.

We need to interrupt this cycle

Yes, we need to interrupt this cycle. Will 45 minutes or 1 hour be enough to interrupt and stop a habit that been going on for a few months or years?….

..the answer is no.

It can stall it for a few days and you may feel better after one massage or treatment but it won’t be enough to stop the problem from returning and this is where the patient needs to work too.

It is the therapists job to first identify the problem, then to come up with a solution. 

This involves making a plan with the patient and explaining to them what needs to be done, having a step by step by step progression and sticking to these steps.

Hand-on treatment and specific exercises are important to get good changes in the early stages but then we need to ensure that these new movements and reduction in pain stick.

This will involve the patient making some changes to their daily habits and adding in new positive movements and beliefs to ensure that changes are been made  for the whole duration of the week…. and not just 30 minutes or 1 hour spent in the clinic.

At Midlands Physical Therapy part of my first treatment involves explaining this to the patient, so that they are fully aware of what needs to be done to get them back to the things they love to do.

As anyone will tell you “It takes two to tango” and the same applies at Midlands Physical Therapy when it comes to getting people out of pain and ensuring that the pain does not return.

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