Slipped Disc! What Is A Slipped Disc?

When people have suffering with back pain and they hear the word “slipped disc” they will often get frightened, worried and think the worst.

And why wouldn’t they as the term “slipped disc” doesn’t sound that encouraging.

The correct term is in fact a disc herniation and it is actually quite a normal occurrence. Another thing that may surprise you is that it does not mean that you will have a lot of pain. In fact, this has been proven by studies where they put people who had no back pain through an MRI machine and found quite a few had “slipped discs”……. but no back pain.

So ‘slipped disc’s are quite normal and it happens when the inner part of the disc protrudes out through the outer part and puts pressure on some of the sensitive tissues around the disc, most notably a nerve.

This can happen for a few reasons which I will discuss in next weeks video blog but the good thing to know is that it reversible, it can be helped and very often the slipped disc is not the true reason behind your pain (more about this in next weeks blog).

As with every part of the body wear and tear happens and injuries occur but how we adapt to these injuries, how we look after them and how well we let them heal will determine how painful they are, how long the problem persist for and how they affect you months or years down the line.

If you are struggling with a back problem that is persisting and not going away, then you can discover what can be done to help without having to rely on medication or short term pain relief.

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