What You Should Do To Get Help With A Slipped Disc In Westmeath

In the final part of our blog and video series on slipped discs we look at what you should do in order to get the best help and best outcome for a slipped disc.

In the previous videos I explain how disc problems are a common occurrence and how many people have disc issues but yet have NO back pain. The reason for this is because the disc problem by itself is usually not enough to cause the  ongoing back pain that many people experience.

It is only when the disc is sensitized and irritated that it becomes a problem. A common reason that this can happen can be a result of an inefficient way of moving that puts more pressure through the lower back than necessary. This can be due to an imbalance or compensation where another area of the body may not be doing it’s job as well as it should.

In order to find out these stressors and check for any inefficient movement habits it is necessary to got to a suitably qualified therapist to get assessed.

However, if you are currently struggling with a lot of pain, then try and find something to ease the pain in the meantime may be the first priority. This may mean taking some pain relief, using heat or cold and a mixture of some movement can help. Also be sure to combine this with short rests when it you start feeling your back get too sore.

If you would like to find out  ways to ease your back pain and get back to living an active, mobile and enjoyable life without back pain always getting in the way, then download out 6 Steps to Beating Back Pain Guide, which will take you through the steps we use in the clinic to help people who are living with back pain.

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