When Should You Go To Get Help From A Physio

A question I often hear people ask is “when should I go and get help from a physio?”

It’s a fair question as there are a lot of options available to a person. 

There is also lots of information out there, some is helpful and some can be quite confusing. 

So, when should you think about going to see a physio? 

What does a physio do?

A lot of people may think that physio’s just help get rid of pain, and for some physio’s, this may be true.

But, rather than speak on what a physio in general can do, I will just speak (or write) about what we can do here at Midlands Physical Therapy. 

Our goal is to help people who are aged 35 – 75 do the things that they love and need to do, by helping them to live mobile, active and pain-free lives, without the problem constantly returning. 

We do this in a few different ways. The first thing we do is to listen to the patient in order to understand their story of how their pain or problem came about and how it is affecting their life.

We then look to find the true stressor or reason behind the pain and why it is lasting so long. Once we this we can set about building a plan to show the patient what can be done to help guide them out of pain and back to doing what they love and need to do.

We don’t just focus on pain relief as paracetamol can do that. We look to build good movement, resilience and robustness so that the person is able to their everyday activities without ending up been stiff, sore and achy at the end of the day.

So that’s a quick overview of what we do at my clinic, onto the next question. 

When should you seek the help of a physio?

The answer is found by answering a few questions?

  1. What is the problem stopping or limiting you from doing?
  2. Can you put up with living this way and missing out on whatever this is?
  3. If the problem could be solved what difference would it make to your life and what would it allow you to do more of?
  4. Do you want to find a long lasting solution to this problem without relying on painkillers, loosing out on your mobility and running of risk or potentially having to go for surgery in years to come.

When you answer these questions it is only then that you might realise the affect that the problem is having on your life. 

I often see people who have been living with back pain for years and they have forgotten some of the things that they loved to do, before the back pain stopped them doing them. 

And what often happens is when someone stops doing one activity, it can be easy to stop doing another activity and before they realise it, they have stopped been active and do any exercise.

This can then lead to the problem lasting way longer than it should and it having a bigger impact on their life.

Is there a certain length of time you should wait?

This can be individual and up to the person who has the problem. Some people do not want to miss out on whatever it is brings them enjoyment to their week and will want to get the problem seen to straight away

That could be walking the dog every evening, going for a run, weeding in the garden, been able to lift your grand-kids or been able to go to work and perform to the best of your ability. 

Others, may try some painkillers or  wait and see if it gets better by itself or just keep going and plough on with it. 

However, as a general guideline, if the pain has not gone away after 2 weeks then it is advisable to go and get it checked out. 

This is normally a sure sign that something is up that needs help. Maybe it hasn’t resolved itself because there is an injury to a muscle or ligament that needs help or it could be that it is overworking because some other of your body is not working as well as it should, causing the pain to keep coming back. 

There are a lot of different things that could be doing and this is where an individual assessment with a physio is very beneficial.

If you have any further questions?

Hopefully you will feel more informed and educated as to what a physio can do to help and in particular, what we, at Midlands Physical Therapy can do to help people. 

We offer different options to help and advice people even before they commit to any sort of treatment and part with money. 

This can be a talk over the phone with a physio or to apply for a Discovery Session, which is a opportunity to come into the clinic, meet with myself and learn how we can help you. 

Oh, and the best thing is that this 30 minute sessions is completely free. 

Because of this I only do a few each month so if you would like to apply for one to see what can be done to help you problem just click on the box below and fill out a few simple details.


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