Why Do My Knees Only Hurt When Going Down The Stairs!

“Why do my knees only hurt when I am going down the stairs?”

This was a question from a lady in her 50’s who came to see me about her knee pain a few weeks ago.

The only time she was getting knee pain was when she going down the stairs. Which was a bit of a problem because she had to climb two flights of stairs every day at work and at home!

She had her knee pain for about 2 months now and while it wasn’t affecting her while she walking, (YET) it was starting to become more painful and uncomfortable when going down the stairs.

To the point where she was tired and a bit achy around her hips when she got home from work and didn’t have the energy and motivation to do any of her Pilates or aerobics classes, which she loved to do.

So, to answer her question, why were her knees hurting more when going downstairs?

Well, when we go down a stairs we use our quadricep muscles more, which are the big muscles that are on the front of your thigh.

These quad muscles actually cross over you knee cap and attach to you shin bone below your knee.

If you are using a movement habit that already uses your quad muscles more than other muscles around the knee in everyday activities, then this is going to be even more dominant when going down a stairs.

This will put more pressure on your knee cap and therefore your knee joint.

Sure enough when I dug a little deeper and asked this lady of any previous injuries, I found that she had suffered with a left hip problem the year before.

When I assessed her I found that her hamstring muscle was doing barely any  work and her quad was taking up a lot of the extra workload…..

Meaning they were having to work really hard while coming down the stairs…..

Which was resulting in them getting tired and grumpy, which ended in pain.

So, this was the reason why this lady was getting knee pain, only while going down the stairs.

Would this have led to other movements becoming painful if she had waited longer?

I have no doubt yes but she didn’t and got it checked out just in time.

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