Why Does My Knee Become Painful 30 Minutes Into A Run

This is a question that I have been asked many times  before by people coming to see me with knee pain.

They normally say something along the following lines:

“I have some knee pain, but the funny thing is that is fine during the day and only starts to hurt at around the 30 minute mark into a run. It can then sometimes get so uncomfortable that I have to stop and limp back. Why does this happen?”

This is a common experience for runners, and sometimes, for people who love to walk and one that should not be ignored.

Normally knee pain, that is fine on everyday activities during the day but only comes on after a few miles into a run, can mean one or two things.

Lets have a look and see what might be happening.

An Inefficient Movement Habit

One reason that I see a lot of with knee pain patients in the clinic can be termed an ‘Inefficient Movement Habit‘. This is where you may not be moving in the most efficient way and certain muscles may be working harder than others.

In the case of the runner, a common injury is pain felt on the outside of the knee, otherwise known as runners knee or ITB syndrome. What basically happens here is that the ITB band gets irritated from rubbing along the bone at the side of the knee.

But one of the reasons it can get irritated is because of excessive tension in the TFL muscle, which attaches in to the ITB band at the hip.

And, if we go back one step before this, the reason the TFL muscle may be putting extra tension on the ITB band is because it may be under extra stress and doing a job that it is not best designed to do while the person is running.

Why? Because something else is probably not doing the job it is supposed to be doing,

This is what I call an ‘inefficient movement habit’ as it is not the most efficient way to move. Certain muscles will be put under extra stress and will either start to fatigue and cramp, or fatigue and tighten up resulting in stiffness and pain.

Why do these inefficient habits occur.

They can occur as a result of previous injuries, lifestyle stresses, training habits, postural habits or anything that puts a repetitive physical or emotional stress on your body.

At Midlands Physical Therapy we look to find these inefficient habits and correct them by adding in better movement habits.

We do this by finding the true cause or stressor of the problem and then we take the person through a step by step progression to improve mobility, reduce the pain and strengthen the body.

If these steps are followed correctly it normally results in long lasting changes and results.

If you are someone who is struggling with knee pain, whether you like to walk or run, then you can get some advice and help today by downloading one of our special tips and advice guides.

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