“Why Have I Shoulder Pain All Of A Sudden, Even Though I Haven’t Hurt It”

Have you ever had shoulder pain, even though you can’t recall doing anything that would have caused the pain?

This is something we see everyday in the clinic. People coming into us with shoulder pain, confused and frustrated because they can’t ever recall hurting their shoulder.

“One day it was fine, the next day it was sore” is what we often hear. .

Why does this happen?

To find out what has caused this shoulder pain to happen a little bit of investigation is needed. We need to understand the events that led to the shoulder pain as there will nearly always be a reason behind it, that we can get to in the clinic.

By asking some specific questions we can also help rule out more serious causes of shoulder pain that may need further investigation.

Understanding Your Story is the first step in our 6 step process and we need to understand what previous injuries you’ve had (even from years back) and any stressors that you’ve been through lately, including lifestyle and emotional stressors. 

These can all have an influence on the way your move and use your shoulder and the pain your experience.

How can an old injury affect the pain that I have now?

Let’s just focus on this aspect for the moment as it one of the most common that we see at the clinic.

Lets take an old wrist injury that you may have got last year from a fall in the snow. When you get injured your bodies natural way of healing is for swelling to occur and movement to be restricted so that you can’t use the injured part. This is a good strategy initially but if it continues for too long, then problems can occur.


If you can’t use you injured wrist too well then other parts of your upper body are going to have to compensate to allow you to get your daily activities done. You upper arm muscles of your bicep and tricep will have to work harder and the muscles at the top of the shoulder and neck may have to work harder when you are gripping and lifting things.

Overtime, this strategy can then turn into a movement habit where you are using some muscles (that may not be best designed to do that job) more than others. As a result, these muscles will start to get tight and stiff from been overworked and will eventually become painful.

Inefficient movement habits

So, it is these inefficient movement habits that can lead to shoulder pain. Often they will have been building up for a while and then one small thing can tip it over the edge and result in pain.

This could be something simple like hoovering the house, planting a new shrub in the garden or playing a game of badminton. These activities could be enough to finally tip the imbalance over the edge which results in your body saying “no, I’ve had enough” and it stiffens up and results in pain to protect itself.

At Midlands Physical Therapy, undoing inefficient movement habits is step 3, in our step by step process and is a key phase in ensuring that the pain does not return, when you go back to doing the things you love to do.

Are you unsure of you shoulder pain?

If you not sure why your shoulder is painful and the pain does not seem to be going away, then we have options to help.

One of those is called a DISCOVERY VISIT.

It’s a free 30 minute consultation and assessment where we find out what is going on with you shoulder that is causing you pain. ….. and the we tell you the solution to getting it better.

If this is something that may be of interest to you then click the button below to apply for one

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