Why Just Having Your Back Massaged, Will Not Get Rid Of Your Back Bain.

I hear this all the time!

I treat a lot of people with back problems at my clinic. More often than not, I am not the first therapist that they have been to.

When I ask what them what else they’ve tried to help with their problem they will often list going to see a chiropractor, or for a sport massage, dry needling, acupuncture, or physio treatments.

“Did it help?”, I ask.

“Yes it did, but then the pain returned when I tried to go back exercising again”.

Maybe this sounds familiar to you as you may have experienced the same. i know I did, when I’ve gone for treatments in the past.

There is a vital part missing!

With all of these treatments there can usually be a vital part missing, because the pain keeps returning.

What is it?

Identifying the true cause of the problem!

It is such an important part of any treatment if that treatment aims to get rid of the pain and prevent it from returning.

At Midlands Physical Therapy I have been fortunate enough to have learned from some of the best physio’s and have developed a method of treating that makes my clinic different from other physio and physical therapy clinics.

I don’t just treat the site of pain. Iaim to find out the true cause or stressor of the problem and when that is found and addressed, the results and extremely good.

Lets give a quick example of someone who came to see me a few weeks ago with back pain. This man had suffered with his back for quite some time and had been to numerous therapists. In fact, he was very well educated on anatomy because he had heard it all before from other therapists.

But yet his pain kept coming back every 4 – 6 months. Something was missing.

Understanding the Story!

When I listened to the mans story I found out that he had a bad ankle sprain many years ago on his left leg. This he felt, never recovered and when I assessed him, I found that he wasn’t as strong or comfortable on his left leg as his right.

So in his case, because his left leg was not quite happy accepting weight for a long time, the force was been transferred further up the line and his back muscles were working really hard, all the time. This was the cause of his tight, stiff and achy back muscles.

So while his back still needed some hands on work to ease the tight muscles, the key to getting this man back to 100% was addressing the left leg.

Once that was done, he was “flying”.

A step by step method

This man was then guided through a step by step method to get his left leg back to full strength, get his back moving well again and get resilience back into his body.

If you feel like you have been ‘around the house’s’ and seen a lot of therapists who have treated in the same way, then they are more than likely not seeing the bigger picture of looking past the sore area and identifying the true cause of the problem.

To find out more about the method I use, click here to watch this video, or better still, take advantage of the FREE Discovery sessions I offer to people who have seen a lot of therapists, but are still struggling with pain.

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