Why Your Back Pain Can Feel Worse In The Winter Mornings

Ooh, it’s starting to cold and the Winter evenings are definitely here.

It’s getting dark at 4.30pm and the fire is lit by 5.

Getting out of bed can be a struggle these mornings for a lot of people but I’ve been hearing quite a few people saying that they find it hard to get going in the mornings because their back is very stiff and sore.

If this sounds like you, then don’t worry as you are not alone. It is something that affects a lot of people in this country in the Winter months and there are a few reasons for this.

Recently a patient of mine called Paula explained it very well to me.

She is in her 50’s and likes to keep active – nothing too crazy but she enjoys walking, dancing and a bit of gardening.

Needless to say she is not getting in much gardening these days but she is also missing out on her walks because by the time she gets in from work, “she finds it too dark and dreary to go out” and ends up settling in for the evening.

Paula has suffered with back pain on and off before and has found that lately, her back getting very sore and achy in the mornings and she is having to get up earlier to spend longer in the shower, just to “loosen up”.

She doesn’t like taking medication but has found she has had to take it on one or two mornings just to “get going” at work.

And she knows herself that “all the painkillers do is mask the pain anyways” so she came into me asking why her back was stiffer and sorer these days, then during the summer.

Less daylight can mean less exercise

Unfortunately, for most of us, less daylight in the day means that there is less opportunity to exercise. Less exercise leads to less movements in your joints which leads to less stimulation of synovial fluid in the joint, which will lead to more stiffness.

If you working day involves a lot of sitting, then missing out on going for a walk or run in the evening because of the darkness, can have a big impact on the amount of exercise you get.

If your doing more sitting around when you come home, then this can lead to stiffness and aches in the morning.

Less exercise can also means less endorphins released into your body as this happens when you exercise and endorphins are a great natural pain killer.

All of these things for a person who has never suffered with back pain can make no impact.

But if you have suffered with back pain before and if  you hold extra tension in your back muscles, then this lack of movement and activity can have a big impact…

.. and can result in feeling stiff, achy and sore in the morning.

How can it be helped

My advice is to find a way to get in some exercise or activity during the day if possible. Even if it is just for a brief 15 or 20 minute walk during your lunch break.

Find a few ways to add in some extra outdoor steps to the day, even if it only means parking further away from the school so you walk with the kids for 5 minutes up and back.

The other options are to go indoors to the gym, swimming pool, or find a class in the evening that you enjoy doing.

These can all help to keep up the movement in your joints but if your back is regularly stiff, achy and sore in the morning then it may just well need some physical therapy to ease the tension in the ‘tight’ muscles and get the other muscles working properly to help out.

P.S Prevention is always a great cure so if you feel your back pain is creeping up and you are noticing it harder to get going in the morning, then you can take advantage of one of my free help guides.

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