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You probably have some questions about whether or not we can help you and if we are the right clinic for you. If you are finding yourself confused or overwhelmed by the amount of advice you receive from friends, doctors, or Google, then this call is perfect for you! By scheduling a call-back with a physio, we will help you make sense of it all, and give you our advice on what is best for you to do. Simply fill out the form below to let us know a bit more about your problem, so we can help get you back to living the life you want to live.

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We realise that some people may be not be if physio is the right option for them. It could be that they are unsure if it can help with their problem, or maybe they had a bad experience in the past with a therapist and are a little bit wary of going for treatment again. If that sounds like you, then we have a perfect option for you. A Free “Discovery Visit” gives you the chance to book a session with a physio at our clinic and ‘discover’ what can be done to help with your issue. Just click the link below and fill out the form so we can begin to help you today.

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About Midlands Physio & Back Pain Clinic

At Midlands Physio & Back Pain Clinic we help people get back to living the life they want to live, WITHOUT pain or stiffness restricting them from doing so and without having to rely on taking painkillers and constant trips to the doctors surgery.

People come to see us with a lot of different complaints including knee, neck and shoulder problem but we place an extra focus on helping people who suffer with back pain. By using a step by step system it allows us to get long lasting results by addressing the true cause of the problem and then focusing on building good movement, strength and resilience to help prevent the problem from recurring.

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What My Client’s Say…

I went to Derek with back pain that I had for a while but it was progressively getting worse I couldn’t do normal everyday things. The day of my first appointment I struggled to drive my car to appointment and walk up the stairs. Derek did a lot of work on my right side and I drove home no problem with minimal pain ,and since then I can see an improvement everyday. He’s very professional and he knows his stuff. Best decision I’ve made. Highly recommend Derek for any problems you may have.

Avril, 40, / Athlone

I was having a lot of knee trouble and it was stopping me from walking, which I love to do. I was starting to get very frustrated with it when I decided to go for physical therapy. Derek’s approach and treatment did  wonders for my pain and movement, meaning I can get walking and exercising regularly like I love to do…

Mary, 53 / Athlone
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