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Are you struggling to do some of the everyday tasks that you once took for granted? Do you find that your pain is worrying you, affecting your mood or keeping you awake at night? Or are you struggling to exercise and are afraid that your health is slipping? At Midlands Physio & Back Pain Clinic we understand these frustrations and we help people like you everyday.

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Move With Confidence & Freedom

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the confidence to pick up the kids or enjoy some gardening and not pay for it afterwards? How different would your mood and focus be if you could sit comfortably at work without a nagging pain in your back? It is all possible and we will show you how.

Whether You Are Looking For Quick Pain Relief Or A Longer
Lasting Change We Can Help

Over the last 6 years we have helped well over 1000 people from the midlands area. Some just wanted fast pain relief to get back to work or sport quickly. Others had been suffering for a long time, were fed up with taking painkillers and wanted to take back control of their health.

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How We Can Help You Get Pain Relief That Lasts

Expert Hands On Treatment

Expert Hands On Treatment

Our expert hands-on treatment will quickly help relieve your pain and get you moving with ease

Find The True Cause So You Can Get Lasting Relief

Find The True Cause So You Can Get Lasting Relief

By looking at the whole body and finding the true cause of the problem

We Show You Your Own Step By Step Plan

We Show You Your Own Step By Step Plan

By designing a specific plan that shows you how to safely and quickly return to activity and moving with confidence

We Send Videos Of Your Exercises After Each Session

We Send Videos Of Your Exercises After Each Session

By sending you videos of your exercises immediately after your session so you can be sure you are doing them correctly.

Late Evening & Saturday Appointmentsore

Late Evening & Saturday Appointmentsore

By having late evening, Saturday morning, and online appointments to ensure you are making progress.

Proven Success - Read Our 5 Star Reviews

Proven Success - Read Our 5 Star Reviews

By achieving great success with over 1000 people in the midlands area. Scroll down to read our google reviews

How We Can Help You

we'll search for the true cause

Step 1: Understand Your Problem

In your initial assessment with a physio we get a clear understanding of what has caused your problem.

Step 2: Explain Your Step By Step Solution

We explain and show you what needs to happen to help you get from your current situation to your ideal outcome.

explaining treatments for patients
physiotherapy for your injury

Step 3: Help You Move More Easily

Using hands on treatment and specific movements we help reduce your pain and get you moving safely in the shortest time possible

Step 4: Build Stability and Strong Foundations

Here we practice key exercises and movements that are needed to allow you to do your everyday tasks with comfort, ease and energy.

Rehabilitation at our clinic
life after athlone physiotherapy

Step 5: Establish Confidence and Control

We reinforce positive movements and practices to help you move with confidence.

Step 6: Build Strength And Resilience

Get lasting change so you can exercise, play sport and enjoy life without worrying about the pain always returning

Rehabilitation after physio athlone

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At Midlands Physio Clinic, we don’t follow the ‘traditional approach’ of just treating the symptoms. As registered CORU physiotherapists we use our process to help:

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