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Here Are Some Of The Common Questions I Get Asked About Foot And Ankle Pain

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I can’t recall hurting my foot. Why is it getting sore?

Pain is your bodies way of telling you that it senses some form of danger withing your body and that you should take action. This action can often mean changing or cutting back on the activity you are doing. Pain can come on without specific injury when muscles or tendons are over worked. Some muscles end up doing all the work and some end up getting restricted and not doing much work. The overworked muscles will pretty soon get tired and pain will occur

My friend told me to buy some orthotics to help my foot pain. Should I buy them?

This can be a tricky one as there is mixed opinions out there. Orthotics can and have helped many peopleand in the short term they can be helpful for certain types of pain. But I do not prescibe them as in my opinion they can just offer short teem relief and can shift the pain elsewhere, up to the knee or hip.

Many people have flat feet and this can be seen as a bad thing but if you have had them all you life your body will learn and adapt to this and this does not explain someone getting foot pain in their 20’s or 30’s, in my humble opinion

Why is my ankle pain starting to affect other parts of my body?

Often this is the thing that leads to people taking action and coming to see a physical therapist. When other parts of your body like your knee, hip or back start to get achy, it can then have a significant impact on your life, walking, running and general movements can become sore and not fun to live with.

You see, your body wants to protect you at all times and it will take pressure away from areas when our brain thinks there is a problem and this is usually when other areas can then become affected. It offloads one area but puts extra load on another.  It is an ‘ok’ strategy short term but long term these areas of the body can then get grumpy for doing extra work without you realizing. Some simple hands on treatment and finding your the specific stressors to your body can quickly and easily relieve you of your ankle pain and keep your other ankle, back or knee etc nice and happy for years to come.

I’ve no pain so can I go back running again?

Ah ha! This is the part where most people, and indeed therapists, fall down in. Once the pain has subsided, it is very easy to think that all is well and you can go back to doing all the activities you did before.

But have you earned the right to do that? Is your range of motion good and have you gradually exposed the tissues to the type of force they are going to be exposed to when you back running? Because if you haven’t the chances are that the tissue will not be fully ready and will get irritated, meaning that you get another part of your body doing extra work or the tissues around your ankle will break down again, all resulting in pain and possible re-injury.

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Top quality therapist. In the past I’ve had physios leave me bruised after treatments from using too much force. This won’t happen with Derek. He gets to true source of the problem.

Peter / Ex Knee Pain Patient

Great job. I suffered with knee pain for years and it got to the point where it was too sore to go for a walk. Went to Derek for treatments and I’m now walking 4 times a week, no problem at all

Deirdre Purcell

Very good treatments. No messing around. He Knows his stuff.

Johnny B