If you want your muscles to get  stronger then you will have to do some form of weight training – be it with weights or just body weight

Athletes these days are taking their sports to new levels due to the amount of physical training they are putting in. Strength, power, explosive, speed, are just some of the words we can use to describe modern day athletes.

Amateur sports are also following in the same trends especially in GAA, where inter-county players are training like semi-professionals. Weight training is a big part of this, but it is something that I often see performed poorly in gyms and clubs. Poor lifting techniques in the gym will result in injuries on the pitch also.

So I’ve come up with some technical points on some of the main lifting moves you’ll see in the gym, that you should be doing in order to remain injury free. These consist of the common errors that I see in some of the main exercises like the  bench press, shoulder press, press ups, row and dead lift.

Watch this short video to see some of the main points you need watch out for in the shoulder press

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