Have you ever been hit with back pain, halfway through watching your local football team play a league match?

It can come on all of a sudden, by itself and for no apparent reason.

Your back may have been fine before the match, but by the end of the match you can be in a lot of discomfort.

Why does this happen?

There are a few reasons why this might happen and I’m going to look at the three most common reasons.

Normally the person will have had some sort of back discomfort before and more often it it can affect people aged 35 and upwards.

The three main reasons:

1 – The back muscles are working too hard

This  can be due to an inefficient habit that your body can develop where it is over working its back muscles in different positions, like when sitting, standing, walking or working.This can happen as a result of an old injury,or repetitive stress placed on the body from emotional stressors or lifestyle stressors.

For example, lets say you had an old ankle injury on your leg that was not treated and rehabbed properly at the time. Your body can develop a habit where it may not be happy putting all its weight through this ankle joint the way it should and its uses other parts of your body to compensate,.

This can result in other area like your low back muscles having to work harder every time you stand and overtime these muscles will get tired and achy quite easily. Even the time spent while standing at a match can fatigue these muscles.

Unless these imbalances are addressed, the pain and stiffness will continue to happen and at Midlands Physical Therapy, we aim to correct these imbalances with every person who has a similar complaint.

2 – Standing on a uneven surface

Quite often, at a GAA match, you’ll be standing beside a pitch and often on a uneven surface or an incline.  This is going to alter your centre of gravity meaning you may have to work a little harder to keep upright.

This may be fine if you have never had an injury or back pain before, but lets come back to the first point. If there is an inefficient movement habit in your body and you are already overworking certain muscles, then there is going to place extra stress placed on them.

They may fatigue quicker, meaning they get achy, stiff and tired half way through the match.

One of the ways to help this is adding strengthen, resilience and robustness to your body, to ensure you can stand for the full duration of the match, without problems.

3 – Posture and breathing habits

While I don’t get too hung up on posture in general, the way you stand can have an influence on your back pain if you stay in that position for too long.

A common postural trait I see in the clinic is where people breathe excessively through their upper chest, causing there ribs to flare out and they can stand with an excessive curve in their back. This puts your low back muscles into a shortened position meaning they can become stiff and achy overtime.

If you adopt this standing position at a match and you sometimes suffer with low back, then it is going place an extra load on your back tissues and can lead to back pain.

What can be done help:

Quite a bit.

At Midlands Physical Therapy we use a step by step system to help people get out of pain and back to the things they love to do.

Part of this includes finding the true reason behind that persons pain and building a treatment plan to address this.

If you are struggling with a back complaint then why not get in touch to see how we can help you.

You can call the clinic on 09064 66761 or fill out the enquiry form here to receive a call back from a physio.

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