Getting Rid Of The Pain Is Only Half Of The Plan

We see a range of injuries and people with different problems coming into Midlands Physical Therapy, here in Westmeath. Very often, when I ask them what they want to get from coming to see a physio, they reply with “I just want to be out of pain”.

… and that’s understandable.  If you have been in pain for quite some time, then you will want to be rid of the pain.

But when I ask them what the pain is getting in the way of them doing and why its important that we get the problem fixed, I am sometimes met with a pause and some silence. Often these people have been in pain for so long that they have forgotten about the things that they used to love doing and now no longer do.

When I do get an answer it can vary from “it’s stopping me from playing my kids” to “I don’t visit my parents as much as I’d like to as it’s a 3 hour drive and the drive wrecks my back” to “I don’t cycle my bike anymore and it’s one thing I used to love doing as it gave me some time to myself.”

We don’t just focus on getting rid of pain

This is why we don’t just focus on getting rid of the pain at Midlands Physical Therapy. We like to go a step beyond that and find out what are the things that add value to that persons life and what are the activities that they love doing.

Once we know this, we can then set out a step by step plan to aim to get that person there.

There is also one more very important reason why we don’t just focus on pain relief at my clinic.

That reason is because just relying on whether the pain is gone or not, is not a good indicator of whether the problem is fully better.

Let me explain further……

Quite often during a course of treatments (lets say, for example, a plan of 6 treatments for back pain), the pain may be gone after the 3rd or 4th treatment but there may still be muscular imbalances present between the lower body and the back.

If the treatments were to stop there and that person was to go back doing their chosen activity, there is a very good chance that the problem will come back. This is because their body was not fully strengthened and exposed to varied movements and different loads and speeds.

If there are muscular imbalances still present (even though the pain may now be gone), that persons body will resort to its old movement habits as soon as they put under any fatigue or stress and pain will reoccur.

Having a step by step plan of care

This is where having a step by step plan of care to firstly, get you out pain and secondly and more importantly, adding strength, resilience and robustness to your body so that the problem does not return when you go back cycling, running, playing with the kids or whatever it is you love to do.

This is something we aim to do with every patient that comes through our clinic doors and it has proven to be very successful in getting people back to activity and keeping them there.

If this story sounds familiar to you and you have been struggling to get beyond an injury, then get in touch and let us know about your story.

You may have been getting treatments from another therapist that did not have a structured plan of where you wanted to get to and how to get you there. Maybe the treatments were stopped too early, your body was not loaded properly and then pain returned when you back to activity and doing the things you enjoy doing.

Having a step by step plan gives you the control and confidence so you know when you are fully ready to return to having fun, activity and exercise, without the problem coming back at you again.

If this sounds like what you need you can get in touch by clicking the link here, fill out a few datils and we will call you back or email me directly at

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