Here Are Your Challenges For Today

1 – How stress and inefficient breathing habits which can affect back pain

Click below to watch today’s breathing video

2 – Movement Challenge

No workout today (unless you really want to)

Just focus on the stretches from the warm up routine

Daily Exercise

Go for a 20 minute or up and down the stairs x 10 times ( if you can’t get out)

Do the the stretches from the warm up today

3. Nutrition

I have five tasks for you today to help you focus on the nutrition pillar

1 . Download this Rainbow chart

Click here to download the rainbow chart.

Put it somewhere that you can see it can get into the habit of fill out for the coming week.

2 . Listen to this podcast from Dr Chaterjee and Amelia Freer.

Be sure to start at 35 minutes to avoid all the unnecessary chit chat

3. Download The Positive Food Pyramid

Click here to download the food pyramid that is discussed in the podcast

Again, stick it up on your wall or fridge door.

4. Click the image to the right

This will give you an easy breakdown of all the food groups.

Then use this with you food pyramid that you will have downloaded above

5. Finally

Have a look at this short video for some nice tips on certain foods you should try to get into your diet

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