3 Reasons Why You Neck Pain Can Keep Returning?

If you have ever suffered with neck pain you will understand how restrictive and uncomfortable it can be. Everyday tasks that you consider simple to do, can become very tricky. It’s simply not that easy to do things, when your neck movement is restricted.

At Midlands Physical Therapy I see people regularly who come to me with neck pain and very often, I am not the first option they have tried to help relieve their pain. 

Often they will have things such as:

  • heat
  • massage
  • chiropractors
  • anti-inflammatory creams
  • painkillers
  • ice
  • and rest

And while all of things may have helped, quite commonly I hear the saying “It felt fine until I went back to exercise” or “it felt great until I went back working”.

So why does this happen? How can your neck feel fine one day and then when you go to do something, the pain returns. 

Lets look at three reasons why this can happen. 

1 – The true stressor was not found

Often the pain or lack of movement that you can feel in your neck can be as a result of some other reason – known as a stressor. A stressor is anything that places stress on your body and very often the area where we feel pain is often not the true culprit. 

If you have been for treatment before for you neck pain and all that was focused on was the sore part of your neck and the pain returned, then more than likely the true stressor of the problem was not found. 

The true stressor will be unique and individual to that person and that is why listening to the persons story of how the pain came about is so important and something that we make sure to do with every person we see in the clinic. 

2 – There was not sufficient loading of tissues done.

Quite often, treatments will focus on relieving the pain in the neck. This can be done through massage, chiropractic, stretching or taking pain relief. But what happens then when that person is put back into a situation that places any bit of stress or load n their body?

If there body is not able for the load that is placed on them, it will react and tighten or stiffen up again, which will usually result in pain re-occurring.

So progressing the neck through a series of movements is very important to increase the strength and tolerance of the muscles around the neck and to get long lasting results and relief. 

3 – The person skipped steps

Having a step by step progressions to get back to where you need to be is very important to ensure a a good outcome. When steps are skipped then the problem can reoccur. 

For example, you may have gone for a treatment or had some manipulation done and you felt great afterwards and went playing tennis that weekend but the pain returned. 

This more than likely happened because the jump from where you were to playing tennis was too big and your were not ready for it. Your body needs to be exposed to different movements at different speeds and different loads so that it can adapt and re-adjust, in order it cope with these challenges. 

To sum up

So you can see, if any of the three reasons above are missed, then there is a risk that your neck problem will reoccur and come back at you.

Having a step by step progression through your treatment is so important, if you want to return to your everyday tasks or activities safely and without the problem re-occurring. 

At Midlands Physical Therapy, I use a step by step system to take my patients safely through their treatment plan so they can get long lasting results and back to the things they love to do, without  running the risk of the aches, pains or stiffness getting in the way.

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