Our New Online Video Appointments

Online appointments has been something we have been trialing at the clinic for the last few months and due to the recent COVID – 19 events, we are now switching all our appointments to online video for the duration of the outbreak.

You may be wondering how a physio session can help if I’m not in the same room as the physio and they are not able to put their hands on me?

It actually works very well with the system we use at the clinic.

As a physio, been able to use our hands can certainly be useful to get changes in movement and pain but if the patient is able to do that themselves by doing certain movements at the right time in the right way, it is much more beneficial for the patient and can achieve much longer lasting results.

Just like a normal session in the clinic we will first listen to your story by discussing your pain or problem, finding out about your previous pains and any medical history that may be relevant.

We will then talk about your end goal and what you want to achieve or do more of, if you didn’t have this problem.

We will need to look at you performing certain movements in order to see how well you are managing these and what may need to be improved on.

Then we will build a step by step plan that will show you what needs to be done to help get you from where you are now to where you want to get back to.

We will show the movements you need to do and guide and coach you through these to ensure you are doing them correctly. Videos of these movements will then be sent on to you after the session and if you choose to, we can send a recording of the call for you to watch back on.

The main difference between an video appointment and an ‘in clinic’ appointment is that instead of using our hands to make changes in the tissue, we will be doing a lot more movement and exercise based treatment to get the required changes needed to achieve your goal.

Since pain and restricted movement is often caused by muscle imbalances and poor movement, we can empower your body by giving back good movement habits and gradually exposure to the movements you need to be able to do to perform your favorite or everyday activities.

Just like a regular treatment plan, after the appointment, we will give you the exercises you need to do, arrange for a follow up call to check your progress and then move you onto the next stage of movement and exercises.

As I said at the start, this is something that we have been trialing with patients who have to travel a long distance to get to the clinic and is much easier for them to do it from the comfort of their own home or work place. The Covid -19 outbreak is just after after moving the process along and now we are switching all appointments to online until we can revert back to in clinic treatments.

If you do have to self isolate or stay at home over the Covid -19, then one positive spin is to use it as an opportunity to stay focused on your health. Make your body more resilient, improve your movement and strength so that you are in better shape when the time comes where everyone can return back to normal ‘pre – Covid’ life.

If you are interested in an online assessment or would like to know more then call us on 09064 66761 or click the form below to enquire.

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