“I spent ages researching it on Google” – but I am not getting better

I recently had someone come to me with a shoulder problem who had been suffering with shoulder pain for almost 9 months.

It started out as a minor ‘niggle’ that came on gradually but overtime had got to the stage where it was affecting his sleep and he found himself staying up late and sometimes having a drink to “knock himself out” and ensure that he got into a heavy sleep so he wouldn’t be in pain.

Not ideal……….. and he was well aware of this himself.

When I asked him why he had left it so long to get it looked at he said that he had been working on it for over 5 months and doing exercises that he had “spent ages researching on google”.

He showed me the exercises and fair enough they were exercises that I have seen before and have prescribed for people before.

There was only one problem…….

They were not the exercises that this person needed and they were doing absolutely nothing for him.

In fact, they were adding to the problem.

You see, everybody is unique and everybody has their own way of moving. So therefore when someone gets injured or develops pain, form overuse or an imbalance, their body finds a way to move so that it causes them the least amount of pain.

The brain and body doesn’t care about which muscles it uses to do a certain movement or action, it just cares about getting the action done. So it will recruit whatever muscle and tissue it can to get the job completed.

So while there is great information on the internet, it is impossible to get specific exercises that will be right for you and your unique pain and injury.

This is why it is so important to get assessed individually be a therapist, so that they can see how you move, find out your previous injuries and put together the pieces of the puzzle to find out what areas of your body need to be addressed and give you the specific exercises to address it.

A lot of the time the simplest exercise will do if it is specific and is right for you at that stage of your injury and rehabilitation.

So, if your finding that you’ve been working your backside off at exercises that you found on Google or Youtube and you are still in the same pain and still can’t do that activity that you want to do then why not book an assessment at our clinic today.

We offer a FREE 30 minute consultation and assessment called a DISCOVERY VISIT where you find out what is going on and how to get it better, all for FREE, and with no obligation of proceeding with treatments.

You can call the clinic on 089 210 2586 or email info@midlandsphysicaltherapy.ie to speak to a therapist and book a FREE session.

There is also the option to book an appointment straight away if you are sick of been in pain and want results now.

So don’t be relying on Internet. It’s great for many things but you cannot beat meeting someone face to face and getting specialized advice when it comes to you health.


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