Are You Tired Of Been Told To Just Keep Stretching

Have you been told by  doctors, physios, sport massage therapists or your friends or family  to “just keep stretching and the pain will go away”.

Well if you have been told that and your are reading this blog, then chances are that you have tried plenty of stretching and the pain has not gone away.

I hear it all the time………

When I’m the physical therapist at a football match, at running groups or from clients who come to see me in my clinic.

They have stretched ‘the hell out of it’ but the pain keeps returning and sometimes it even makes it worse….

Sports science has evolved a lot over the past decade but still there is misconception among the general public and even some health care professionals. that your pain is down to having a ‘tight’ muscle and by stretching it, you will loosen it out and the pain will go away.

Now I’m all for mobility but if stretching was the answer to all muscle pain, then myself and a lot of other therapist wouldn’t have a job.

It would be too easy.

So while it is important for your body to be able to access full range of motion in every join, it is equally, if not more important, to have stability in the joint.

If your body does not have the stability in a joint or certain area it will lock down and reduce your mobility, in order to protect the area.

Mobility must be coupled with Stability

Anatomy books can be misleading as they give a description of each action that a muscle performs. In reality your body doesn’t use certain or individual muscles to perform an action. It just wants to get the job done and will use whatever muscles it can to do that.

This can be one of the causes for pain and muscle tightness where certain muscles that are not best designed to do an action may be overworking and compensating for other muscles that are not functioning as they should.

This could be down to a previous injury, incorrect technique in the gym or when playing their sport, lifestyle habits or de-conditioning.

As you can see there can be a number of factors that need to be found and addressed and stretching alone, will not fix this issue.

At Midlands Physical Therapy I aim to find the true cause and driver of the problem and very often, this is not the area where the person is feeling the  pain.

So if you have been told to just keep stretching and you are still suffering with pain, then you need to get properly assessed and find out the true cause or the problem will just keep returning.

At Midlands Physical Therapy there are a number of things I can do to help.

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