What is Causing My Knee Pain?

A very complaint that we hear from people who come to see us with knee pain is “I don’t understand why my I have pain in my knees as I don’t remember injuring them”

It really is a common complaint and if you have knee pain at the moment and do not know why, then over the next 4 weeks I am going to explain some of the common reasons why this happen and what can be done to help.

To start off, there are many structures in and around the knee that can cause pain such as muscles, ligaments, cartilage, bursa, nerves and the bones themselves. All of these are capable of becoming quite painful if they are damaged or irritated.

Nerve pain can give a sharp and burning sensation around the knee, cartilage can get worn down and can be quite painful when it is sensitive and irritated and this can lead to arthritic pain, where your bones can rub off each other when the cartilage has worn away.

You can also get inflammatory conditions such as rheumathoid arthritis which can be accompanied by swelling and inflammation along with sharp pains caused by irritated bursa known as bursitis.

These can all make it uncomfortable to walk, sit, get up from a chair or kneel on the floor and even get a good nights sleep.

Thankfully, with the vast majority of these complaints, there can a lot done to help that does not involve relying on taking medication or going for surgery.

To find the answer we need to look back

Even though a lot of people will say they did nothing to hurt their knee, there will nearly always be a reason if we go back through their history and in the next blog I will be discussing this in more detail.

When patients come into see me in the clinic with knee pain, there will often be a common theme when we go back through their story before their knee pain began. And that will be previous injuries or stressors to another body part.

You see, in order for your body to work efficiently, it needs key parts to be communicating well and working well with each other. Often, in people who are suffering with knee pain they will have had a painful event or injury to another body part such a foot injury, calf, hamstring, hip or back injury before their knee started getting sore.

By going back through their injury history and understanding their story, we can start to form a picture as to why they might be experiencing knee pain.

Then in order to find out the true reason behind the pain, we need to combine this with a movement assessment to find out the true problem behind the pain,  which I will explain further in next weeks blog.

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