Get a Solution to that Annoying and Persistent Shoulder Problem

“Shoulder pain can be very annoying and can really restrict your activities. Don’t let it have a negative impact on your life and miss out on the things that you love to do”

Here Are The Most Common Questions I Get Asked About Shoulder Pain On A Daily Basis

Why Does My Shoulder Click And Clunk

It is not unusual for shoulders to clunk and click and do not be alarmed if yours does too. If it is not accompanied by pain, then there is normally nothing to worry about. Often is can be ligaments or tendons snapping over the bone or the shoulder joint just not moving efficiently in its socket.

Often after I treat and work on these structures around the shoulder, people report that the clunking noise is reduced and there movement is much freer.

Why does the Pain In My Shoulder Seem To Move Around

This is a common quiry from patients when they come in to see me and often they say that their pain is very hard to pin point. It can be sharp in  one place one day and then ache in another place the next day.

This can be due to pain referral and the different type of pain fibres that we have. Sometimes they travel fast and give a sharp pain or sometimes they last longer and throb.

The good news is that it can be helped. With some patient advice and education coupled with some top quality hands-on treatment,symptoms can relieve quite quickly in some cases.

The key thing is to not ignore it for too long as the longer you have it. the longer it can take to take away

Will Just Massaging The Sore Spot Work

In Ireland people like to talk about going for a ‘rub’ to help with an injured or a painful area. This sometimes can help but rarely will it fix the problem for good and prevent it from reoccurring.

You see tissue normally become painful for a reason and until that reason is found then there is a good chance the pain  will come back.

At Midlands Physical Therapy I always strive to find the true cause of the problem so that  the problem does not return and we are not just addressing the symptoms.

I don’t recall hurting my shoulder. Why is it painful?

On the first session I always spend a few minutes explaining to the patient why there pain may have occurred and some of the reasons why pain can linger on, even without injury.

Pain can occur without a specific injury to a part of the body. Often your shoulder may hurt but in fact it could be caused from it having to compensate and work too hard for another part of your body. This will cause extra stress and give you the sensation of pain.

I always look to find the true cause of the problem and often I have been able to trace shoulder pain back to previous injuries, like an old wrist injury for example. Help the wrist and the shoulder can start to improve straight away.

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“Don’t Live Your Life With Annoying Shoulder Pain.  Learn How to Ease it Before it Gets Any Worse”

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